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and the eerie embrace of the past

He lives in seclusion, tending to the island’s lighthouse, trying to push away the memories that seek to suffocate him. But they refuse to be forgotten as they sift their way back into his life, leaving him wondering…

…is the island haunted or does a deeper demise lay soon at hand.

and the forms they take

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Dawn of Dreams

Just like a hope and a prayer,
raised into the air.
Like a wish on all ones,
til clock strike is done.
A star twinkling bright,
to light up the night.

Just like an old coin of copper,
splashed through clear water.
Like a lash newly fallen,
and blown into autumn.
A bridge of all color,
never to lose luster.

Just like a rocky old well,
before a midsummer swell.
Like a ladybug landing,
daring and dancing.
A moon at its peak,
when all else is bleak.

pieces of prayers,
hints of hopes.
dawn of dreams.


a short story

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End of a Nightmare

He wakes trembling. Breathing hard, he tries to calm down. His rushing adrenaline shoots his eyes open, searching wildly in the pitch black of his room. For what, he doesn’t exactly know. Not making anything out, he closes his eyes, fighting back the visions from the dream. Trying to block out the pounding in his head. All the pain from the nightmare does is confuse him.

He reaches out beside him, feeling for his wife’s hand across the stiffness of the bed, too scared to open his eyes again. Too scared of the crushing darkness that his dream has turned…

Who is the speaker of this poem?

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Monologue as…

You wonder what I am-
Lonely trail in the dead of night?
-but I am unable to tell.

You question my identity-
Minutes and moments before a rolling rain?
-but never hear my response.

You ponder at my existence-
Moonlit beach on a waveless expanse?
-but struggle to comprehend my answer.

I am

One Square Inch of Me marked in red.
87th building of American Fabius.
Endless particles in twilighted Mojave.
Beating, pounding heartbeat in Orfield.

I am

You search for me sometimes,
calling out both day and night,
and the moment you do,
I disappear.

Other times you never…

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and the problems of a future built upon extreme STEM focus.

One of the most important decisions a person can make in his or her life is whether to attend secondary schooling, and if so, which major and career path to pursue. There are countless choices from which to choose, but a few of the most popular programs are those in science, technology, engineering, or math; these combine to create the STEM majors and programs.

Over the course of the last decade, the number of STEM programs and corresponding funding has greatly increased as more students pursue this scientific route in college.

Opposite STEM on the academic spectrum lies the Humanities…

How creativity thrives when you embrace boredom.

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Much of society today has the need for constant stimulation throughout the day. With the countless social media platforms, website, and online interaction, you may find yourself constantly focusing on something.

I know that in any downtime during my day I often find myself pulling out my phone to scroll through Instagram or Twitter. I might pull up the ESPN app and check scores or the latest news story that just broke.

All these platforms and online places continually connect us to the surrounding world as this entertainment is always just a couple taps or clicks away.

The constant availability…

A few options can save your best ideas from going to waste.

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Almost every writer has heard of keeping something next to their bed in order to write down any ideas that come to mind. Whether this be a journal, a phone, or just a simple pencil and paper, these allow you to capture those ideas that flit across your mind as you lie there trying to sleep. Or in the morning, they allow you to quickly write down any crazy dreams you had before it all fades away into the reality of everyday life. Either way, you need to be able to record your thoughts before they are lost forever.


College is all about learning, changing, and being open to the countless new experiences you are exposed to. It is a time for discovery and finding out who you are and what you truly care about. I’ve experienced this in many ways through my first year of college, but I was not expecting to be so greatly impacted by my Environmental Studies class. I was only taking this class to fulfill a requirement and it happened to fit into my schedule better than some other classes I could choose from. While I have known about and heard many stories of…

Jonah Tostrud

Rambling along from story to story

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